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About Us

Valencia Bus Turístic

Valencia Bus Turístic is a registered trademark of Viajes Transvia Tours, S.L., under which it performs scenic tours of the city of Valencia.

Viajes Transvia Tours, S.L. CV-Mm 048-V is a wholesale, retail, and carrier travel agency licensed to perform scenic tours of the city of Valencia using double-decker buses.

Valencia Bus Turístic has been in operation since November 1999 along with the Albufera Bus Turístic, which takes visitors to the Albufera Natural Park.

Our experience as a carrier and travel agency has allowed us to innovate and improve our services year on year and incorporating new products to the market as is the case of Valencia Bus Turístic and Albufera Bus Turístic, and continually improving our fleet.

In our field of technology we have developed our own audio system which allows us to offer up to eight languages simultaneously.

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